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The M-Batex GmbH & Co. KG produced per year more than 20 million Elastic and inelastic meter ribbons, which may vary in its width between 5 mm and 350 mm.

The high-quality textile yarn of nylon, polyester and viscose are the basis of our quality products and are certified acc. to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, product class I and II.
Individual customer requirements
 are at M-Batex the norm – not the exception.
 We relieve our customers with a qualified consulting and develop ideas for new and individual tissue and grafts.The result: a high-quality product with completely new properties, in the spirit of the customer.

Product Diversity
– From our standard program we offer active and woven articles, jacquard goods cords (elastic or braided / shot) and Velcro loop. A selection of our product range may be found in our product search.

In this production process, our ribbons keep their individual characteristics and are treated with high precision.We offer among others the following finishing possibilities:
Hydrophobe and Oleophobe finishing, crimple-free finish and flame-retardant finish, Thermo fixation, silicone coating, dying. We give your product a distinctive face with a multicolor print on the screen-printing process.

In the clothing department, we process our ribbons to your specific requirements. Whether rolls or specialty products: we sew, cut, roll or lay.