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ÖKO-TEX 2014-2015

All products of the M-Batex GmbH & Co. KG are co-ordinated with their characteristics with the need of our customers to 100%.

…..They are subject to strict controls of quality and security.

Our innovative methods go beyond the usual standards and secure our customer a constant high quality of product – and also in the largest quantities.

Quality control has the highest priority Both of ours elastic and inelastic ribbons are certified according to the Oeko Tex standard 100. This certification confirms that all textile-materials merged in our ribbon productions correspond without exception to the demanded criterias and are unhesitating for the health. Certificate link

Marc LehmannManagerM.BATEX

M.BATEX Laboratory tests on customer’s request In close co-operation with our test laboratories (DIN/ISO/TL standard) we let prove, on demand, our products on pollutant content, stretch, lengthening, wash and colorfastness. The results you receive in form of a laboratory report.

oeko-tex m.batex

ÖKO-TEX 2014-2015